BEST way to clean your CONVERSE

Best Way To Clean Your Converse

BEST Way To Clean Your CONVERSE!!

If you are anything like me you HATE wearing new shoes and scuffing them!! ARGH!! But if you are also anything like me…… you might be kind of clumsy and you can’t not scuff your brand new shoes. Even the first time you wear them (Insert Eye Roll).

I bought these brand new Converse and of course, scuffed them first time. I always used to use my Magic Erasers to brighten up my white shoes and it works amazing! But those damn things dry my hands out like crazy! I can’t stand it!

What Is the Best Product to Clean Your Converse?

We were on vacation when I wore them and scuffed them and didn’t happen to bring my handy dandy Magic Eraser so I asked my boyfriend’s sister if she had one and she said she did, asked what for, yada yada. I told her and she told me to just use Lemon Oil. WHAT!?

Sure enough! She had her handy oil bag and rubbed that lemon oil on my scuff and it was basically gone! AMAZING! So simple and so much easier on your shoes and hands! Plus, it makes them smell fantastic!! It was my game changer. I clean them basically once a week now and even clean my boyfriends without him asking because I’m obsessed with the smell and how amazing it really does work!

The Best Tools To Clean Your Converse….

SO! The best way to clean your white shoes……. LEMON OIL!!! WOOOHOOO!!  Just grab your shoes, a cotton ball or paper towel (just something to wipe it off with, if you use your finger it works but it just doesn’t wipe as clean!), pour a little lemon oil on either the shoe or the paper towel. For the tiny indents that you just can’t get with the cotton, use a tooth brush!  I like to put the oil straight on the cottonnso that it doesn’t run all over the shoe. I have two different brands of oil (which both work wonders) and one just pours out while the other you have to shake a million times to get a drop of oil. So just be careful! Then just wipe the scuff! Poof gone! Well… maybe not poof you may need to use a little elbow grease but it works!

BE CAREFUL on the back of the shoes where it has the Converse All Star brand name because the oil can take that ink off!

I like to clean all of the rubber on the shoes so they look close to new! I hope you love your “new” stylish lookin’ shoes!!!  Stay Happy! Stay Smiling!!

Xoxo Erin

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