About Me

Hi! I’m Erin:)


I am a step mamma to an amazing 11 year old and a “housegirlfriend” to her amazing daddy! (We will get married ONE of these days! 😉

About 2 years ago I was working at a Call Center for a Medical Supply Company and I hated it! I enjoyed some of the ladies there but came to a realization this is not going to get me anywhere! I wasn’t going to school and honestly wasn’t planning on going because I had NO IDEA what I wanted to go for and what if I change my mind?! I did NOT want to waste thousands of dollars on something I wasn’t sure I’d even want to do.

I searched for a new job and found a small cleaning company that was minutes from my home and I loved it! I love clean


ing my own home and making it look amazing so I knew I’d like this job! It kept my in shape, I loved helping people save time by making their home sparkle! It is seriously satisfying! Everyone I would see would ask me what I was doing and I slowly started getting my own clients! I was making more than double what I was making while working for this cleaning company and eventually got enough clients to go out on my own and what a thrill!!!

Having your own bus


iness is the BEST! It is really hard work but I’ve proven I can do it on my own and grow a successful cleaning business! Creating this Blog and sharing my successes and failures with other mom’s and step mom’s and whoever else is reading is exciting! I’m excited to share this Blog Journey with all my family and friends and future online friends!

I LOVE Cleaning, Crafting, Planning fun Activities and Events for my family and friends, Organizing my home, Scheduling and Time Management! I promise to share my successes with all of thes


e things but also my failures! I want people to learn from my mistakes like I have learned from others. I’m human and definitely not perfect, ask my man! (Insert Shy Monkey Emoji)

Thank you spending your precious time (even as a part time step mamma I know how precious time is) reading my stuff!! I hope you enjoy!! Stay Happy! Stay Smiling!

xoxo Erin

sERINdipitous stepmom