SErindipitous Stepmom


                Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I know, I know. Serendipitous is spelled wrong and there is a reason for it! (If you don’t get it by now, my names including in the url) I chose the name Serindipitous Stepmom because being a mom has always been something I’ve wanted and knew that would be a huge part in defining who I am one day. I never knew I’d become a mom not by giving birth but by this beautiful girl coming into my life unexpectedly!

I met my boyfriend on Tinder and I swear I knew he was the one as soon as I saw his pictures. I fell for him and his little girl before I even met them in person. We talked for a few days and then we met. Just him and I and it was amazing! We connected immediately! We would hang out only when he didn’t have his little girl and we talked all the time. We connected so fast! The first thing that stuck out to me (besides how sexy he is} was how dedicated to being a dad he was. She was his number one and I knew it and respected it from the beginning. His biggest concern was making sure his newly turned 9 year old daughter wasn’t going to get hurt if things didn’t end up working out with us. We saw each other for a few months, learned more about each other and we got to the point that we didn’t want to spend time apart if we didn’t have to.

I remember It like it was yesterday, he texted me and with a little apprehension said “I think I want you to meet her.” Can I just tell you what that did to me??! It was the most incredible feeling that this guy I was falling for was falling for me too and wanted me to be a part of their family time! We planned a night he had her and I came over and made them homemade Mac and Cheese for the three of us. I never had the nervous feeling that she may not like me even though that is the thought that goes through most people’s minds. I was excited! She answered the door and was the sweetest thing in the world. The thing that stuck out to me most was how happy this little girl made this grown man. They had the sweetest relationship and I knew this is where I wanted to be for forever.

I became a step mom the moment I met my step daughter. We connected instantly. It was in the middle of December when I met her for the first time, a few months after her dad and I met. After that first meeting I have spent every day with them since (every day he has with her) I met her mom and it was a great meeting! I really liked her and the relationship he had with her. I was never jealous and knew exactly where their relationship stood. We did Christmas activities and watched movies.

 I spent Christmas Eve with my man while she was with her mom and on Christmas day she came over halfway through and we did our first Christmas together. The next day they were planning a trip to Arizona to see his family for Christmas. I drove them to get their rental car and on the way she begged that I come with them and he wanted me to come too. I got the go ahead from work to take a week off and ran home to tell my parents I’m going to Arizona with a guy they still hadn’t met and his daughter. They weren’t thrilled but I was doing it! We spent a week in AZ with my boyfriend’s family and I basically moved in as soon as we got home. It all fell into place so well and felt so natural!

I love those two more than words can describe. They have given me a new definition of love.

So………  That is where my story starts! We have gone through so much in the last 3+ years! Really good and really not so good! The good things are easy to get through of course but I am going to share all the moments!

Being in a mixed family there are so many personalities and it is really hard to determine those personalities and how you deal with them.

I hope I can share my experiences and help someone who is struggling with similar things I have been through. Life is too short to worry about the little shit! Be happy, love everyone and love yourself.